Rye Bread & Tupperware

On Monday, I made rye sourdough bread.

I seem to have developed a Monday baking pattern, which is working well. But knowing me, I’ll need to mix it up soon, or I’ll get bored! Perhaps I’ll put my starter in the fridge for a few weeks.

This time, I went for roughly half and half white bread flour and rye flour, as most recipes seem to mix two flours rather than go for 100% rye. In my case, 300g of each flour, plus the white flour in my overnight fermenting starter. And I added a couple of teaspoons of honey to get the yeast going – apparently molasses is often used in rye bread, but I didn’t have that.

Since rye apparently doesn’t rise very well at all because of its lack of gluten, I went with a wet dough, a folding technique (rather than kneading), and I let the dough rise in the heavy-bottomed, metal saucepan I’d be baking it in so that I wouldn’t accidentally knock the air out of it when I moved it.

I also sprinkled the dough with poppy seeds before its rise in the pan, and I forgot to slash it before baking. Is the slashing just to make it pretty?

It came out terrifyingly round:

After all of that effort, I discovered that I’m not really a fan of rye bread or poppy seeds. Haha! Never mind. I managed to pull off a difficult loaf, and it is edible as toast. Although, I’m not sure my gut likes it!


Anyone want the rest of my bag of rye flour?

In other kitchen news, I finally got round to sorting out the chaos in the Tupperware drawer. So satisfying.



Huzzah for no more rummaging. And, oh look! My toes. 😄