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I Love This Blog #1

I’ve decided that every time I come across a blog that I really resonate with, I will give it a quick glowing recommendation here.

The first of these “I Love This Blog” posts is in honour of New Zealand-based The Winsome Baker, the name of which resonates with me immediately! I’ve loved the word winsome ever since I came across it. I also love that the most recent photograph that Kearin has posted is of a delicious blob of homemade jam. There’s something wonderfully classy about that – unpretentious and lovely.

The Winsome Baker

According to her little self-summary, Kearin abandoned the world of finance to pursue a better life and ‘The Winsome Baker’ is about sharing her journey with the readers of her blog.

I can completely relate to her story, having given up the high-stress world of healthcare management for a happier, healthier life back in Autumn 2013 (has it really been that long!?). And I really like the way that Kearin’s posts weave together her baking and her life, and it’s something I’d maybe like to emulate without duplicating what I put on my personal blog.

For me, there’s a real slow-happiness built into pottering about the kitchen, and I appreciate a kindred spirit when I find one. Food and emotional well-being – for me at least – go hand-in-hand.