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Not-bucket list

After church today, I ended up on an unexpected, sunshiny picnic with two brand new friends that I had just met. As we lazed around on a very unseasonal, fluffy, deer-covered, fleecy blanket, spread out on the common (the blanket usually lives in my lounge for snuggling under), we somehow got onto the topic of my not-bucket list.

I say ‘not-bucket’ list, as it was originally my ’40 things to do before I’m 40′, as I’d missed out on doing ’30 things before I’m 30′, but you really don’t want to think about 40 when you’ve only just crossed into your 30s! And I’m certainly not thinking about the rest of my life right up until my demise, just the next decade. I have every intention of writing at least a few more lists in the succeeding decades, if I am given the chance. 😊

Currently on the list are –

  1. Visit Ireland. It’s so close and I’ve never been.
  2. Visit Australia/New Zealand. I have family in Australia and New Zealand is just so beautiful. Just a little bit further than Ireland. 
  3. Go on a high ropes course (like Go Ape). I love climbing up things, and trees make me happy. So, perfect combination. 
  4. Go to an airport with a budget and buy a flight anywhere. I might need a friend for this one!
  5. Go on a zip wire. I’m thinking one of those really epic ones across a ravine or something, if I am brave enough. Terrifying-amazing. 
  6. Go to a firing range and learn to shoot a gun. According to my housemates, this is massively out of character, but my grandad and my great uncle shot for sport, so it must be in the blood!
  7. Go rock climbing.
  8. Visit/re-visit all the big London galleries and museums. I can feel a blog coming on! Serial blog-starter that I am. 😄
  9. Re-visit the Louvre with a whole day to spare. 
  10. Get a short-story, academic article, novel or other book published. Because why not?
  11. Go to a ball. Anyone want to invite me?
  12. Visit a spa.
  13. Have an Indian head massage.
  14. Complete a novel I’d actually be willing to let someone read. I am currently working on a novel-type project every year for five years, in an attempt to get to that point. This is only year two, and novels are hard! 
  15. See the Northern Lights. I imagine the Northern Lights must be magical, although I think I might need to lower my expectations, like when you go into a film that might not be as great as the hype. 
  16. Visit a waterfall. Because stunning!
  17. Climb a mountain. Probably a small one.
  18. Spend a month abroad. This one is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. I’m not a massively confident traveller. The longest I’ve been out of the country is currently three weeks. 
  19. Get a manicure/pedicure. So decadent.
  20. Get a radical haircut. I get to define radical!
  21. Own and wear a floor-length gold dress. Because I’d look fabulous in gold, darling! 😄
  22. Go to a party where there is a bonafide celebrity there. Just for the hilarity.
  23. Give a lecture. The first time I spoke to a lecture theatre full of people was in a society meeting at university and I cried for about half an hour beforehand. In the right context, I now actually really quite like public speaking… but does have to be the right context.
  24. Reunite with my friend Claire from primary school. I’m still really sad we lost contact and I don’t know her last name – I think she changed it when her mum remarried. I’m going to have to become a detective!
  25. Visit Gaudi’s La Sagrada Família in Barcelona. It looks incredible. 

Fish bucket

So well done for ploughing through all of those! As you can see, I still have 15 slots left on the list, and having started this food blog, I feel that there really should be some food-related things on the list. Hence the bucket of fish!

I would love some suggestions. Maybe foods I should eat or make, or amazing places to eat… the floor is yours.

Edit: Seeing all those things in one place is a bit overwhelming! I’m not made for too much excitement. 🙃


4 thoughts on “Not-bucket list

  1. Yes come to NZ! If you stay a month you can tick of a whole lot of those things too – we have many a mountain and waterfall and you could add “meet a blogger from another country in person” to your list 🙂

    Head massage sounds amazing – my best friend used to do these face massages that she learned on a course and they were the most relaxing thing ever!

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